Ocean Fresh Quality of Products

As a one of the leading frozen seafood manufacturer in Malaysia, you can be rest assure of our meticulous manufacturing processes as we have obtained various certification and accreditation over the years which are testimony to Ocean Fresh’s highest regard towards producing quality products.


As a committed food manufacturer, Ocean Fresh has successfully implemented the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP), which emphasizes food safety and accredited by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Halal Certification

Ocean Fresh is now a recognized halal manufacturer having passed the certification procedures for creating lawful and permissible products by Islamic laws.

EU No. 75

Ocean Fresh is certified to have EU number of 75, which means that complied with stringent EU standard, and is allowed to export to EU countries.


The National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (hereinafter referred to as NAFIQAD) is an institution assisting the Minister of Viernam  to carry out the state governing of quality and safety of agricultural, forestry, fishery products and salt nationwide. NAFIQAD has its own seal and is permitted to open an account at the Bank and the National Treasury. NAFIQAD has its headquarters in Hanoi.