Why Us

Why Ocean Fresh ?

Processing Facility is equipped to produce quality frozen seafood products

Our semi-contact blast freezers freeze seafood supplies between -40°C and -42°C, to allow for the preservation of quality and freshness of our frozen seafood products in terms of shape, colour and taste. Such freezers allow for the freezing of frozen seafood supplies of various sizes and shapes. They can produce either block frozen or individually frozen seafood products.

Ability to maintain a consistent supply of frozen seafood products throughout the year

We have a network of suppliers comprising local and international wholesalers, local and international processing facilities as well as local fishing enterprises. In addition, we have cold rooms which allow us to store our frozen seafood supplies and products, while maintaining their freshness and quality.

Compliant with locally and internationally recognised quality and food safety management certifications

We have obtained quality and food safety management certifications, including the HACCP and GMP as well as the MeSTI Secure Food Certification Scheme. We have also obtained HALAL certification from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia which provides assurance that our frozen seafood products are processed in a HALAL manner.

Management team who is experienced and committed

The key senior management team’s combined knowledge, experience, as well as management capabilities and commitment on realising our Group’s goals are essential to our continued growth and future development. As such, our key senior management team have been and will continue to be a major factor to our success and a key factor to our future development.

A wide network of customers from across the globe

Through our business relationships with customers from various geographic locations, we have gained valuable insight into these markets, thus allowing us to understand their preferences, demands as well as market trends. As such, we are able to tailor our products and services to meet the needs of each market effectively, therefore enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, through our business relationships with our customers, we are able to create a sense of trust and reliability with the said customer, thus improving our reputation as a dependable partner.